Entertainers and Presenters
Your On!
Would you like to share a talent? Do you have the knowledge to share about a subject in the area of farming, gardening, food, health, nutrition, cooking, canning or related topics? Our market is a great place to do that. Fill out the application and let us know your talent and what day or days you would like to perform.

A few things that you should be aware of first. We do not have a stage setup, so you will be performing in an area that will best fit your performance, but it may be on grass or it may be on the dirt area.  It is up to you to provide shelter or a stage if needed.

There is no power for the venue, so if you need amplification you will have to provide that for yourself. We do not have equipment at this time.

We reserve the right to accept or refuse a talent or presentation to be presented at the market. We will not allow anything that we feel will detract from the welcoming nature of the market, this may include, but is not limited to things that involve politics, immoral, violent, degrading displays or discussions. Remember this is a family, child-friendly atmosphere.

All vendors are required to apply through the Market Spread website and pay a $25 application fee.  Entertainers may keep all the donations they receive during the market and may put out a hat or other items for tips.

The same rules for the market have to follow for entertainers and presenters and therefore you will have to read through the vendor’s handbook and agree to the terms in the handbook before applying to the market.  The handbook can be found at the link below.