We are so excited to have the opportunity to manage the new Eagle Mountain Farmers Market.   Eagle Mountain City has generously allowed the use of the Cory B Wride Memorial Park as the venue for the market.  The park is a huge attraction for the citizens of Eagle Mountain and surrounding areas. The market is being held in the park right next to the very popular splash park on the north end of the park.

The citizens of Eagle Mountain have expressed their desire for a local farmers market and the city has listened and through the persistence of Aaron Sanborn, Eagle Mountain’s Economic Development Director, it is happening, so spread the word!

My name is Becky Painter and I and my husband are the market managers.  We are also going to be participating as farmers at the market, so we had an interest in seeing this market be successful.  This is our first opportunity to be market managers,  so we have worked hard communicating with other market managers in Utah, learning from their experiences and look forward to making this a great market for our community!

We realize it is late in the season to be recruiting and accepting applications for vendors at this market, but we are under the time constraints of the red tape of getting the contract as the market management company, so we will do the best we can.  But, that means that the door is wide open for you as a vendor to be accepted in our market!  But don’t delay, because we believe the word will spread quickly and we will make our decisions quickly also.

Please reach out to us with any concerns, questions, thoughts, desires, interest that you have about the market.  We encourage all vendors to get their applications filled out and read through the vendor’s handbook before making your decision about joining the market, so you are informed about all the rules and regulations about the market and what the law requires.