Are you interested in becoming a vendor at the Eagle Mountain Farmers Market?  Well, you’ve come to the right place.  Here is what you need to do! Please notice all returning vendors must still fill out a new application and pay an application fee. We must pay for the software every year. Also note, we are using a new software this year that will provide us a few benefits we didn’t have before.

Steps To Become A Vendor

Step 1: Read through the Vendor's Handbook

This should answer most of your questions.

Step 2: Apply

Create an account through Manage My Market and Pay the $25 non-refundable annual application fee.  Obtain and upload your documents if needed.

Step 3: Get Ready For The Market

In your Market Spread account, make sure you fill out the dates you plan to attend the market.  We will assign booths and send out invoices to those who are listed in their calendar as attending that week.

Vendor Types

Whether you are a commercial farmer, market gardener, or backyard homesteader, you are the most important part of our market.   All products sold are as is and not added-value products, meaning you can’t add to or prepare them in anyway that is different than they were when harvested.  This category includes cut flowers, produce, honey, meat (frozen), or eggs.  If you want to change or add to the food, then you would fall under another category of Food Artisan.

Fee for Farmers: FREE!!!

Food Artisan

  • Home Consumption and Homemade Food Product Vendor

The Home Consumption and Homemade Food Act was passed in 2018 by the State of Utah.  This bill allows the sale of food produced by home-based producers to the public without a license or commercial or inspected kitchen.  It is important you understand this law and what is required to be able to sell your food to the public and what is and what is not allowed to be sold. You may not sell any food that is deemed to be a potentially hazardous food at the market, so read carefully.
You will also be required to have labeling that complies with the law, so make sure you understand this regulation before you apply to be a vendor of your homemade food products.  If you don’t know if a food you want to make is permitted in this category, please ask.

The bill can be found here

As a compliment to this law, the MicroEnterprise Home Kitchen Act was passed in 2021 that expands what you are able to sell straight to consumer. With this law there are permit and inspection requirements. Please review requirements here:

MicroEnterprise Home Kitchen Act:

Many Farmers Markets do not allow these types of booths, but we welcome those who want to sell directly to consumers as long as you follow all pertinent rules and laws!

Booth Fee $30/per day or $390 for the season

  • Food Truck or On-Site Food Booth

You will be required to obtain your permits and/or licenses as required by the health department and state, have them available at your booth for inspection as well as upload to the Manage My Market website.  More information about Temporary Food Establishment Permits are found here.  Food handlers permits here    

Booth or Space Fee for Food Trucks and Food Booth. $30/per day or $390/season

  • Cottage Food Establishment Vendor

If you are a licensed Cottage Food Establishment you are welcome as a vendor at our market.  You will be required to provide documentation of your business license and permits.

For more information about the Cottage Food Establishment click here.

Booth Fee: $30/per day or $390/season

Youth Vendor

Youth include anyone 17 years of age and under at the start of the market season. The same laws for other vendors apply to the youth, so you will be required to follow those laws, no matter your age.  You will not be charge for a booth if you are a farmer, just like all the other farmers.  If you are selling other products that fall under the other categories, you will be charged $5 a day for your booth.

Booth Fee: Free for Farmers or $10/day or $130/season

Non-Food – Products and Services

Vendors that have non-food products or services they make or perform themselves are welcome at the market.  We reserve the right to decide if your product fits our market. Examples we have had at our market are face painters, authors, home decor crafters, t-shirt designers, embroiders, jewelers, leatherworkers, woodworkers, soap makers and more.   (We will update you with any changes that come from the health department regarding non-food products as these rules may change due to the Covid-19 restrictions.)

Booth Fee:  $30/day or $390/season

Entertainers or Presenters
Do you or those you teach have a talent they would like to share. Entertainment really adds to our market and is a great way to advertise your group or class. We welcome musicians, dancers, balloonist.  (The entertainers and presenters may have to be restricted because of Health Department regulations – we will update this information as we have it.)

We also welcome those who would like to share their knowledge with the community in areas that are related to Health, Exercise, Nutrition, Cooking, Canning, Gardening or Farming, or the Environment and many other related subjects.

Booth Fee: Free

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit Organizations are welcome to come one day during the season to have a booth at the market to promote their company. The rules for selling items at the market apply to non-profit companies and they are required to obtain permits or licenses as other vendors are. Proof of non-profit status will be required

If a non-profit company would like to attend more often they may apply to be a vendor at the market under another category, they are welcome to have a booth as often as they would like.

Booth Fee: Free

Market Dates:  Saturdays,

June 8, 2024 to Sep 28, 2024 

Time: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Location: Corey B. Wride Memorial Park

5806 N. Pony Express Parkway, Eagle Mt.

Things you will all need to know

You will have to provide your own booth structures including tables, chairs, awning, etc.  You are required to have at least a 25 lb weight secured to each corner of your awnings (we have a lot of wind in Eagle Mountain).  We do not provide electricity, so if you need it, you will have to supply it.  Generators will be allowed as long as they are not too noisy.  Please let us know if you will be wanting to do that.

You will not be able to park right by your booth. You will need to plan on wagons or dollies to bring your items to your booth. You can park close to the path to unload but then you will be required to move your vehicle to designated parking lot.  You are required to pack out everything that you take in, we are not going to clean up after you.

Are you ready to learn more?  Click on the link for the Vendor’s Handbook below.

Are you ready for the next step?

Go to the Application Site Here.